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2018 Results
NERVA Tournaments

March 11 March 25 April 8 April 22 May 6
Team Name Coach level place level place level place level place level place
Metrowest 18 Gold Brian AAA 5th AAA 3rd AAA      
Metrowest 18 Black Yeoun AAA 3rd AAA 5th AA      
Metrowest 18 Red Tim B 7th B 4th B      
Metrowest 16 Gold Brianna/Jackson AA 7th A 5th B      
Metrowest 16 Blue Mike AA 7th A 7th B      
Metrowest 16 Yellow Jenny/Mary B 7th B 5th B      
Metrowest 16 White Tony C 8th C 8th C      
Metrowest 15 Silver Jade AA 5th AA 5th AA      
Metrowest 15 Emerald Lisa A 11th of 12 B 9th of 12 C      
Metrowest 15 Lime Erik C 6th C 3rd C      
Metrowest 15 Plum Shayne C 3rd C 3rd C      
Metrowest 15 Navy Kathy C 7th C 5th C      
Metrowest 14 Green Bill A 3rd A 7th B      
Metrowest 14 Royal Deb/Julianne B 8th of 12 C 5th of 12 C      
Metrowest 14 Sapphire Michaela C 6th C 12th C      
Metrowest 13 Peach Liz A/B B B