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Practice location: NORFOLK, MA 02056

Tryouts for 2022-2023

Tryouts have concluded for the 2022-23 season. Thank you!
Tryouts will be held at Forekicks
, 10 Pine Street (on Rte. 115) in Norfolk, MA.

Please bring a copy of your NERVA Membership card and a check for the tryout fee with you if you did not mail in advance.

Please remember to bring a check for your Club Fees as confirmation of acceptance to a team on the final tryout date. We will be sizing players for uniforms on this day.

Directions below - keep scrolling... this is a lot of information but it is all here.

18s and 17s 8am-10am
16s 10am- 12 noon
15s 8am-10am
14s and 13s 10am- 12 noon

10am- 12 noon

Tryout Procedures

- Attend all tryout dates for optimum evaluation by the program staff

- Players must wear the numbered t-shirt issued to them at registration on their first tryout date and for each consecutive tryout date

- Players must be sure they are trying out for the proper age division. The age divisions are designated by USA Volleyball the National Governing Association.  You may tryout for your age division or a higher age division (but not younger). Please check the Age Division Requirements page to check month/year for level.

- Players may tryout for more than one age division. If a player chooses to do this, they should attend both age division tryouts sessions so all coaches will see them. Player will use same tryout number (t-shirt) and registration (only pay one tryout fee). Players may play "up" in age but cannot play "down" in age divisions.

- If a player misses the first date, they may attend the second date (the more dates attended provides the best opportunity to be seen by the coaching staff for team placement). Please notify the club director and or coaching staff in advance, regarding anticipated absences during the tryout period

If a player is missing on the final tryout date without prior notification to the club director or coaching staff, the player will be removed from consideration for a spot on a team within the club.

A financial commitment to the program is expected no later than the final tryout date.  Players will not be placed on a team without their financial commitment. Players may be offered a position on a team on the first or second tryout date. Once an offer is made a financial commitment should be brought to the next tryout (one week later) to confirm the spot on the team.

If a player accepts a position on a team for another club (players attending multiple club tryouts), they should notify the Metrowest coach or club director and opt out of additional tryouts dates to be fair to other players that are trying out for our teams.

Open Level team selections:

-18U/16U Open Level team selections will be made on the first/second tryout dates. Two Open Level teams will be selected in the 18U and 16U divisions (a total 4 open level teams).

-18U/16U Open level teams compete in NERVA 5 single day tournaments and plan to attend the Boston, Winterfest, RI Rumble, Wicked Good, and Volleyfest Convention Center Tournaments.

-18U/16U Open level teams will have a mid-week 2 hour Wednesday evening practice at Forekicks in Norfolk, MA. See Schedule tab for dates.

Club Level team selections:

-Generally, 10-12 players are selected per team. 

-Cuts will be made where there is an over abundance of tryout participants

-Club level teams compete in (5) NERVA local tournaments. All teams travel to local tournaments in MA, RI, NH.

-Teams are formed as fairly as possible. Players are selected by the coaching staff according to skill, age and specific positions for each team (Setter, Libero/DS, Middle/Outside/Rightside hitters)

-The club must take into consideration the availability of gym space and qualified coaching staff. Availability of teams will vary according to the number of tryout participants, players age, and skill level.  Please see SELECTION / CUT PROCESS below.

-Team numbers will tentatively be (2) 18 Open, (2) 16 Open, (1) 16 Club, (4) 15 club, (3-4) 14 club, and (2) 13 Club.


-18 thru 13 & under teams will receive a quality indoor competition volleyball.  Volleyballs must be brought to all practices and games.

-12 & unders will use the club's "volleylite" volleyballs in practices and games.

-Club teams are selected on the final tryout date. Practices will be every Sunday in the same time slot at the same location as the tryout schedule.  Please see Practice Schedule and Tournament Schedule for times and dates for all teams.


We do not want to cut any player, but it is often times unavoidable given the response we have each year. 

We will only be able to retain teams in our club based on the number of qualified coaches to staff teams.  
We strive to provide QUALITY versus quantity in our club.

Players in the 12 & under division: we try not to cut, as they are generally first time players with less experience and have not had the time to learn the game yet. If there are not enough players for a team we potentially will place a 12U on a 13U team.

We will attempt to keep all 14 & 13 under players if there is enough court space. Our 14U players are both new and returning players.

The New England Region has a 13U age division. 12U players may participate at this level if the player has the skill set to play with a full weight volleyball.


Offers for participation in the Club for the Open level teams will be made to players on the first and second week of tryouts. The offers will be made verbally and followed up with an invite to join the club through Sports Engine.  If a player would like to accept a position on a team they should accept the Sports Engine invitation, and will be asked to deposit at the next tryout date after the offer has been made.  All teams will be finalized on the last tryout week, we do keep a list of alternates if a spot opens in the club.

We will also start to make offers to Club level team players verbally at the tryouts starting on the second week.  We do this to start the process of acceptance by players - we realize that players tryout for multiple clubs, and this helps us determine if a player will stay with our club or not - which helps to determine potential spots on teams for other players.

We will attempt to email players in advance of the last tryout date as to availability for team spots to allow players to tryout for other clubs if desired.  Some players may learn of acceptance on the final tryout date. We do keep a list of players that were "next to be selected" and if an opening on a team comes available we will reach out to the next player on the list.

An email from Sportsengine will be sent to a player that is offered a spot on a team.  Please "ACCEPT" this offer in the email to confirm acceptance with the Club.


On the last tryout date teams will be finalized within the first hour and a half (parents please plan shared commuting and or pick up time accordingly).

The players will be called in and we will announce that they will take a water break AFTER a list of players numbers are called out. 

These numbers will be the players that HAVE MADE a team for the upcoming season.  After the list is read, ALL THE PLAYERS will walk away for their water break together.  We feel this is the kindest way to avoid embarrassment for any girl not selected for a team.

Players not selected are free to leave the tryouts at that point. All players that are selected for a team should return to the courts to meet with the coaches. (Shared commuting should be taken into consideration as this may be problematic)

The last half hour will be used to meet the coach, verify uniform size, assign uniform numbers, collect parent cell phone numbers, collect program fee check, and discuss other details for the first practice. See Practice Schedule.


We will be offering another opportunity for any interested player who is not chosen for a club team for a 10 week skills training session starting in Jaunary at the Forekicks in Taunton on Monday evenings 7:30-9:00 PM. Dates: Jan 2, 23, 30; Feb 6, 13, 27; Mar 6, 13, 20, 27. Players will receive training, and a club sweatshirt. Cost of program is $300.  Please send an email to to confirm that you would like to participate (add player name and sweatshirt size).


At the end of the team selection is when players will need to turn in their check for the program fee to their coach.  All checks are made payable to "Metrowest Juniors".  The balance is due in full (please see "Fees"  page). Parents that may require a payment plan should contact the Club Director.

If any player declines a position on a team and an opening occurs, the next player on the coaches list will be contacted by the club director and offered participation in the club.

Tryout Registration 

Please go to the Tryout Signup page to start the online process.

Pre-registration (by Nov 1st) is preferred by the Club.

Pre-registered players proceed to t-shirt table for their pre-assigned number and go right into the gym.

To be considered pre-registered you must have the following:

-Online registration form for the club completed

-USAV NERVA Membership card printed, and mailed with tryout fee prior to first tryout date. Registration after the first tryout date is allowed on site but filling out the forms on line is required.

-USAV NERVA Membership is required. Players registering on site must have a copy of their current membership card/form to be able to participate. The membership fee for USAV NERVA is a separate fee from any Club fees. NERVA offers a one time membership (at a lower fee) which will cover the participant during the tryout period, so if you are unsure if your daughter will be selected for a team/club you can choose this option. If you choose this option and consequently are selected for a team/club, you will need to go back and ugrade to a full membership.


**All members should complete and mail registration materials prior to tryouts.  Please bring a copy of your forms if mailed late to ensure participation on tryout date. If not mailed ahead, please have forms filled out to avoid a longer wait in line. Tryout t-shirt size is not guaranteed for any registrations received less than 2 weeks in advance.**

Registration may be done on site (but not preferred by club).

Metrowest Club Registration tryout fee is $ 50.00 (covers all tryout dates).

Tryout fee covers gym rental for all tryout dates and a numbered t-shirt.  Numbered t-shirts must be worn each week to the tryouts for player identification. T-shirts become the property of the tryout participant. Tryout fees are non-refundable.

If still unsure please call toll free (877) 310-4734 to confirm your tryout time


Locally from Rt 109

Take Rt 109 to Millis.  Rt 109 intersects with Rt 115 in Millis.  Turn onto Rt 115 (South) towards Norfolk.  Follow Rt 115 thru Norfolk center and continue to the intersection of Rt 115 and Rt 1A, continue straight at traffic light and Forekicks is on the right. 

From Mass Turnpike

Take exit 11A to Rt 495 South. Use exit 15 - Rt 1A in Wrentham. Follow Rt 1A North to Norfolk. At the intersection of Rt 1A and Rt 115, turn right and Forekicks is on the right. [or go one exit further South, to exit 14 Rt 1 and follow directions below]

From Rt 495 (Rhode Island or points South)

Take Rt 495 North. Use exit 14 - Rt 1 in Wrentham. Follow Rt 1 North to Norfolk.  Just after Rt 140, get into the left lane at the traffic light (Pine Street). Seasonal Store is on the left. Turn left onto Pine Street which is Rt 115At the intersection of Rt 1A and Rt 115, turn right and Forekicks is on the left.