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2024 Tournament Locations

All Tournaments:

The tournament sites / schedule is listed 1 week prior to each tournament and further details are explained to the players at the practice prior to the tournament. This web site is updated weekly once the tournaments begin.

Plan on spending approx. 5 hours at a tournament (not including travel time). Often times there is limited seating in gyms for spectators (bring a portable chair as a back up plan). Some sites do not allow folding chairs. Bring food (lunch/snacks). Coolers are usually restricted from being brought into most gyms - but an alternative eating area is often available. Not all sites have concession stands. Commercial facilities with full concessions do not allow outside food.

Please respect the facilities rules regarding no food or drink in gyms (this includes coffee) and clean up after your team in the allowable eating/team areas.

Transportation is the responsibility of the players.

Site locations are determined according to how the team finishes at each tournament - the Region will do it's best to keep teams closer to home as a priority over rank. Subsequent locations will be revealed with each team's progress. Teams can move up, stay or move down a division depending on how they finish each week.

Directions to each site are provided through this web site (use menu above).

Some Metrowest teams will have the opportunity to host a tournament at our home tournament site: Forekicks - 10 Pine Street - Norfolk, Mass. Host teams are expected to be the work team in the finals if they are not competing in finals.  This etiqutte allows teams with further distances to travel home to leave.

All teams (from all Clubs) must complete their assigned work team responsibilities (even if the team is done playing for the day). Teams that are late for work team assignments during pool play will be penalized points against in the start of their next match.

At the end of the day after pool and bracket play, if a team leaves a facility and does not complete a work assignment the tournament director will report this to the Region.  The Region can penalize that team financially, or the team can be suspended from playing in the next tournament.  If a Metrowest team is ever in violation of a final work team responsibility and the Club is fined - that fine will be passed along to the parents of the players that left the facility that day.

Forekicks has a live streaming option for viewing practices and tournaments.  Please visit for more information. You can live stream or use the 30 day on demand to watch at a later time.  The subscirption covers all of the Forekicks facilities (and other facilites using LiveBarn). Many of the tournaments will be played at the Forekicks facilities.  Forekicks Norfolk is court 4 & 5, Foekicks Marlborough is court 6 & 7 and Forekicks Taunton is court 8, 9, 10 & 11 on the Live Barn system.


Enter Times for Locations:
Times listed are enter times. There is no need to arrive earlier than designated entry time. Some sites are restricted and entry will not be allowed before designated enter time. Sites are being run in waves with specific time limits (AM and PM waves).  Please pay attention to the entry times. Enter times are one half hour prior to play start time.

As soon as results are made available by the Region Scheduler (from the previous tournament) the locations are updated (usually a week before the tournament) for each tournament.

Saturday and Sunday - April 20 & 21, 2024

Metrowest 16 Gold (Mike), Metrowest 16 Blue (Kelly), Metrowest 17 Navy (Kelli), and Metrowest 18 Gold (Brian)
Rhode Island Rumble #1 – Providence RI (see Sportwrench for times)

Saturday and Sunday - April 27 & 28, 2024

Metrowest 16 Yellow (Brianna) – Rhode Island Rumble #2 – Providence RI (see Sportwrench for times)

Metrowest 18 Gold (Brian) – AAU Championship Tournament Mohegan Sun - Uncas CT

NERVA V – April 28, 2024

Metrowest 14 Green (Stephanie) – Westwood Park YMCA of Nashua 90 Northwest Blvd. Nashua, NH (NH) – 14A (play starts at 1:30 PM)
Metrowest 14 Royal (Emma) – (NHTI) NH Technical Institute 31 College Road (Institute Drive) Concord, NH  – 14A (play starts at 8:30 AM)
Metrowest 14 Sapphire (Emily) - Forekicks Norfolk 10 Pine Street Norfolk, MA – 14B (play starts at 8:00 AM)
Metrowest 14 Purple (Tonya/Kate) - Forekicks Norfolk 10 Pine Street Norfolk, MA – 14C (play starts at 8:00 AM)

Metrowest 15 Silver (Olivia) - Quincy High School 100 Coddington Street (use 80 Russell Park on GPS) - 15 A (play starts at 8:30 AM)
Metrowest 15 Emerald (Deb)- Hollis/ Brookline High School 24 Cavalier Court, Hollis, NH - 15C (play starts at 9:00 AM)
Metrowest 15 Lime (Maddie) – Wolves Den 340 Oak Street Pembroke MA - 15B (play starts at 8:00 AM)
Metrowest 15 Red (Sophia) – Wolves Den 340 Oak Street Pembroke MA - 15B (play starts at 8:00 AM)

Metrowest 16 Gold (Mike) - Forekicks Norfolk 10 Pine Street Norfolk, MA – 16A (play starts at 1:00 PM)
Metrowest 16 Blue (Kelly) – Rockland HS 52 Mackinlay Way Rockland, MA – 16B (play starts at 8:30 AM)

Metrowest 17 Navy (Kelli) - Forekicks Norfolk 10 Pine Street Norfolk, MA – 17A (play starts at 1:00) PM)
Metrowest 17 Teal (Kevin) – NH Sportsplex 68 Technology Drive Bedford NH – 17B (play starts at 10AM)

Saturday and Sunday - May 4 & 5, 2024

Metrowest 16 Gold (Mike), Metrowest 16 Blue (Kelly)
Dragons Tournament at the Bancroft School - Shore Drive Worcester, MA - times TBD


The Region uses SportWrench for the NERVA one day tournaments and for convention center tournaments.

Remember that playing site address/directions are on this web site under the "Tournament Directions" tab


NERVA has partnered with Sportwrench for all NERVA regular tournaments. This will both standardize and expedite the tournament process throughout all levels of play. Parents, Coaches, Players and Fans can find the schedule for their team by following the instructions below:

Go to and Find “NERVA” Event under “Current Events” on the home page .
1. Click on “Schedule + Results” under the NERVA Event
2. Click on “Find My Club” to find the schedule for all of your clubs’ teams –
          All teams from your club will show up with their first match and first work assignment.
3. Click on “your team name” and the pool schedule will show along with the facility name

Alternatively you can use “Level” to find your schedule
Instead of clicking on “Schedule + Results” click on the “NERVA ” (top left corner of the tournament box).
1. Click on the level/division your team is playing (18 Open, USA, Club  – 16 A, 14 B, etc.)
You can then click on teams or pool to find your team
2. Click on Teams and find your team.
3. Click on your team and your pool schedule will show with the facility name.
Click on Pools and all pools in that division will populate
Find your team and click on your pool for the whole pool schedule or click on your team name for just your schedule.