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2020 Tournament Schedule

All Tournaments:
The tournament sites / schedule is listed 1 week prior to each tournament and further details are explained to the players at the practice prior to the tournament.

Plan on spending 5-6 hours at a tournament (not including travel time). Often times there is limited seating in gyms for spectators (bring a portable chair as a back up plan). Bring food (lunch/snacks). Coolers are restricted from being brought into most gyms - but an alternative eating area is usually available. Not all sites have concession stands.

Please respect the facilities rules regarding no food or drink in gyms (this includes coffee/parents) and clean up after your team in the allowable eating/team areas.

Transportation is the responsibility of the players.

This web site is updated weekly once the playing season begins.

Site locations are determined according to how the team finishes at each tournament. Subsequent locations will be revealed with each team's progress.

Directions to each site are provided through this web site (use menu above). Some Metrowest teams will have the opportunity to host a tournament at our home tournament site: Forekicks - 10 Pine Street - Norfolk, Mass.


Enter Times for Locations:
Times listed are enter times. Tourney begins shortly (~ 1/2 hr) after entry. There is no need to arrive earlier than designated entry time. Some sites are restricted and entry will not be allowed before designated time.

As soon as results are made available by the Region Scheduler (from the previous tournament) the locations are updated (usually a week before the tournament) for each tournament.

NERVA  Championships - May 5, 2019

Metrowest 14 Green (Liz) - Mass Maritime Academy Buzzard Bay - 8:30am
Metrowest 14 Royal (Deb/Mandi) - Mass Maritime Academy Buzzard Bay - 8:30am
Metrowest 14 Sapphire (Tim/Tony) -  Barnstable HS,Hyannis MA - 8:30am

Metrowest 15 Silver (Jade/Kathy) - Forekicks II Marlborough MA - 8:30am
Metrowest 15 Emerald (Lauren) -  Bishop Hendricken HS, Warwick RI - 8:30am
Metrowest 15 Lime (Erik) - Bishop Hendricken HS, Warwick RI - 8:30am
Metrowest 15 Plum (Mike F.) -  East Greenwich HS, E. Greenwich RI - 8:30am

Metrowest 16 Gold (Bri/Jackson) -  Forekicks Norfolk MA - 8:00am
Metrowest 16 Blue (Mike M.) - Quincy HS, Quincy MA - 8:30am

Metrowest 17 Royal (Lisa/Shayne) - Forekicks Norfolk MA - 8:00am

Metrowest 18 Gold (Brian) - Coventry HS, Coventry RI - 8:30am
Metrowest 18 Black (Yoeun) - Coventry HS, Coventry RI - 8:30am


Remember that playing site address/directions are on this web site under the "Tournament Directions" tab