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Practice location: Wrentham, MA 02093

2018-2019 Rosters
Will be posted after the tryouts

Metrowest 13 Peach Coach: 

Metrowest 14 Green Coach: 

Metrowest 14 Royal Coach:

Metrowest 14 Sapphire Coach:

Metrowest 15 Silver Coach: Jade Garay

Metrowest 15 Emerald Coach: Kathy Vega

Metrowest 15 Lime Coach:  

Metrowest 15 Plum Coach:

Metrowest 15 Navy Coach:

Metrowest 16 Gold Coach: Brianna Souza

Metrowest 16 Blue Coach: Mike Marceau

Metrowest 16 Yellow Coach: Lisa Vega Locke

Metrowest 16 White Coach: Shayne Locke

Metrowest 18 Gold Coach: Brian Gerard

Metrowest 18 Black Coach: Yoeun Sim

Metrowest 18 Red Coach: Tim Kounlavouth