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Practice location: NORFOLK, MA 02056

2020-2021 Membership Fees

Metrowest Club Level 15's,14's, 13's &12's
$ 600.00 club fee
+ $ 50.00 tryout fee (non-refundable)
= total $ 650.00

Metrowest 15 Elite
$1025 club fee
+ $50 tryout fee (non-refundable)
 = total $1075

Metrowest Open Level 18's, 16's 
$1475 club fee
+ $50 tryout fee (non-refundable)
=  total $1525

Tryout fees cover gym rental and a numbered t-shirt that must be worn each week to tryouts

USAV/NERVA Membership is required for all participants and is separate from any Club Fees


Club Fees Include:

· Training & skills sessions
· USA Volleyball (USAV) digital Magazine
· Participation in New England Region Volleyball Association (NERVA)
· Top USAV trained and certified coaches
· College referral assistance service
· Assistance with recruitment videos
· Contact with College Coaches
· Opportunity to travel and meet top players
· Tournament entry fees (4 dates)
· New England Region Championship Tournament entry fee (1 date)
· Club Uniform (shirt, short, hooded sweatshirt, and bag)
· Practice and tournament site rentals & custodial fees
· Secondary medical and liability insurance (under NERVA membership)
· Nominal Coaches stipends
· Club Administrative costs
· High Quality Indoor Competition Volleyball
(except for 12 & unders - teams use club's volleylites)

All program expenses for the Clubs teams are due in full on the final tryout date. Payment schedules are available and should be discussed privately with the Club Director.

All checks should be made payable to: Metrowest Juniors
Metrowest has added an in house training program this year to extend opportunity to train players that were not able to be kept on teams this year due to limited number of teams (covid - to keep fewer players on the courts). The program is open to players that attended tryouts for the 2020-2021 sesaon 16/15/14/13/12U age divisions. Participants will receive 11 training sessions (8-10am Sundays), a club sweatshirt, backpack and volleyball.

Metrowest In House Training
$300  fee
+ $50 tryout fee (non-refundable)
= total $350

The Open Level program expenses are due on a pre-determined scheduled payment plan according to the financial agreement provided to each player’s parents. $600 payment is due 1 week after acceptance to an offer to join a team or on final tryout date for commitment to open team (non-refundable). Further payments will be divided equally; due in January and February. Financial Agreement forms will specify amounts once the total program fee is determined for the season.

Metrowest Open Level Options:
Cost and length of program vary, according to specific team level participation and selection of schedule.

15 Elite: $1025 + $50 tryout fee = $1075 (includes club fee items, mid-week practice, RI Rumble Tournament)
18 and 16 Open: $1475 + $50 = $1525 (includes club fee items, additional uniform, mid-week practice, Winterfest, Spikefest, RI Rumble Tournaments)

If any tournaments are cancelled due to the COVID restrictions we will refund the tournament entry fees. Due to COVID we will not be reservin
g hotel rooms for players this year.


We will take any Open Level team to any tournament (i.e. New York, Penn, Florida) as long as the parents determine that they want to invest in that level of travel.  Parents may ask for more details per the coach or Club Director.